The secondment of the FESB team leader, Dr. Ivan Tolj, to Impala Platinum Ltd. was related to WP4 “System integration”.

During his visit (24 November – 03 December 2018, 10 days) Dr. Tolj participated in the fuel cell power module servicing and performance analysis of its BoP components (fuel cell stack, coolant pump, battery pack, air compressor etc.). Also, a plan has been drafted for the forklift vibrations tests which are planned for the late January 2019.

From right to left – Dr. Lototskyy from UWC, Dr. Tolj from FESB, Mr. Schaefer from Plug Power Europe and Mr. Philander from UWC during servicing of the fuel cell power module.

Dr. Tolj drives fuel cell powered forklift after servicing of the power module.