Secondment period: 16 August to 16 September, 2019.

Workpackages: WP2 (Development of cost efficient MH containers with a focus on their mass production & WP3 (Integration of MH containers comprising advanced MH materials)

Mr. Tobie van Niekerk was seconded to HZG as mechanical engineer to identify key areas where manufacturing costs can be cut. This included the investigation of Gas Gap Heat Switches (GGHS) in order to improve heat transfer to and from the MH material. Furthermore, he looked at the mechanical design and manufacturing of previous MH vessels and ways to improve the design.

Above: (from left to right) Dr. Giovanni Capurso (HZG), Mr. Tobie van Niekerk, Dr. Bellosta von Colbe

Time was also spent studying and understanding the European Pressure vessel codes used, namely AD2000, as well as investigating the 2000 bar MH Powder hydrogen test rig at HZG, Germany. Testing vials from similar test rigs were examined to improve the current vial.

Above: The 2000 bar MH Powder hydrogen test rig at HZG, Germany