The team leaders and researchers representing three members of HYDRIDE4MOBILITY project consortium (IFE, FESB, UWC) attended HYPOTHESIS XV, On-line conference held during 3-5 June 2020. Originally conference supposed to take place in Cape Town, South Africa but due to COVID-19 crisis was organized as an on-line event.

During the conference, the project participants gave several oral presentations on the results generated by their teams including research outputs of the collaborative activities within HYDRIDE4MOBILITY.

Dr. Mykhaylo Lototskyy (UWC) gave presentation entitled: Design and performance simulation of coupled electrolyzer-metal hydride hydrogen compressor system as a part of hydrogen refueling station

Prof. Volodymyr Yartys (IFE, HYDRIDE4MOBILITY coordinator) presents - HYDRIDE4MOBILITY: an EU HORIZON 2020 project on hydrogen powered fuel cell utility vehicles using metal hydrides in hydrogen storage and refuelling systems

Prof. Gojmir Radica (FESB) gave talk entitled: Application of PEM fuel cell in different traditional propulsion systems for harmful emission reduction.

Prof. Ivan Tolj (FESB) gave talk entitled: Control strategy of a fuel cell power module for electric forklift.