1. To promote international and inter-sector collaboration and sharing of knowledge in the following fields:

  1. Development of utility vehicles for various applications in chemical, metallurgical and mining industries;
  2. Hydrogen fuelled fuel cell power systems for these utility vehicles;
  3. Hydrogen refuelling systems for these utility vehicles;
  4. Metal hydride based system components;
  5. Advanced metal hydride materials for the application.


2. To foster a shared approach of research, development and innovation focused on the promising application of metal hydrides for hydrogen storage and refuelling of the utility vehicles utilised by industry.


3. To develop and implement advanced engineering solutions for:

  1. Advanced fuel cell powered utility vehicles for industrial applications;
  2. Volume- and cost-efficient hydrogen storage on-board of these utility vehicles;
  3. Low-pressure refuelling of the utility vehicles characterised by low costs without significant increase of the refuelling time;
  4. Development of advanced metal hydride materials for hydrogen storage and compression and their integration in the hydrogen storage and refuelling systems characterised by improved hydrogen charge / discharge dynamics.