Dr. Jose Bellosta von Colbe from Helmholtz‐Zentrum Geesthacht – Zentrum für Material‐ und Küstenforschung GmbH (HZG, Germany) visited Hystorsys AS (HSS) in Kjeller, Norway from September 12th, 2019 until October 11th, 2019 accomplishing a 1-month secondment.

Figure 1. From left to right: Dr. Roman Denys (HSS), Dr. Jose Bellosta von Colbe (HZG), Dr. Jon Eriksen (HSS), project manager Prof. Volodymyr Yartys (IFE) and Dr. Suwarno (ITSN).

Dr. Bellosta von Colbe from HZG has been seconded to HSS mainly in the activities of work packages 2 and 3 (WP2 and WP3) for modelling the kinetics of suitable metal hydride materials (developed in WP1).

These activities included the supervision of a student from the University of Agder, Mr. Arif Hariyadi, whose work it is also to model metal hydrides’ behavior. During the secondment, there were three meetings in person and the rest of the communication was done via e-mail. It is proposed to go on with this supervision until the end of Mr. Hariyadi’s work.

Figure 2: Fitting of experimental data to an Avraami-type model. The fitting gave a result of n = 1.5, which corresponds to a nucleation and growth mechanism.

This modelling will subsequently be used for simulations oriented towards the optimization of the tanks (activities in WP3) developed in Hydride4Mobility. Some initial activities regarding the modelling and simulation of the whole system (WP4) were also envisioned.

Figure 3: Dr. Bellosta von Colbe at his working place in Kjeller, Norway.

It is planned to follow up on these activities in a next secondment to Norway in 2020.


Kjeller, 11.10.2019