During the period of February 28th to March 4th, 2022, Prof. Ivan Tolj from FESB had the opportunity to visit Lublin University of Technology, where he was graciously hosted by Dr. Michal Jan Geca. Throughout his visit, Prof. Tolj had the chance to explore the university's laboratories specializing in thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, while also gaining insight into the available equipment. Furthermore, he engaged in discussions with Dr. Geca and his colleagues, exploring the potential for future collaboration between the two institutions, particularly in the fields of hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology. The discussions also encompassed the exciting prospect of joint research projects between the institutions.

During his visit, Professor Ivan Tolj had the opportunity to deliver a lecture to mechanical engineering students and staff members, focusing on the notable accomplishments of the Hydride4Mobility project. Specifically, he highlighted the successful development of a fuel cell-powered module designed for electric forklifts.

A photograph captures Prof. Ivan Tolj standing in front of Lublin University of Technology.

A photograph depicts Prof. Tolj at the wind tunnel at Lublin University of Technology.