The Hydride4Mobility project aims to advance the use of hydrogen as a clean and sustainable energy source in the transportation sector. As part of the implementation phase of Work Package 5 (WP5), Prof. Ivan Tolj, leader of the FESB team, was seconded to the University of the Western Cape, South Africa, Cape Town, from April 10th, 2023, to May 10th, 2023.

During the secondment, Prof. Tolj conducted a techno-economic assessment of hydrogen-fueled utility vehicles and refueling stations. He also identified typical malfunctions in fuel cell-powered modules for forklifts, with a focus on lithium-ion batteries and control boards.

Prof. Tolj's contributions were significant. His evaluation of the MH storage tank showed positive results, indicating its efficiency. Furthermore, he suggested a special coating to protect control boards from dust particles in the forklift's operating environment to address control board malfunctions.

Furthermore, Prof. Tolj achieved significant progress on two publications slated for submission to renowned international journals. Moreover, he delivered a keynote address focused on fuel cell stack water and heat management during the Southern African Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference 2023. His presentation provided valuable insights and expertise to the attendees of the conference.

Throughout the secondment, Prof. Tolj actively collaborated with the team at the University of the Western Cape and other stakeholders involved in the Hydride4Mobility project.

Through this experience, Prof. Tolj gained valuable insights into the techno-economic aspects of hydrogen fuel for utility vehicles and the identification and addressing of malfunctions in fuel cell-powered modules. He also recommends further research to optimize the performance and reliability of lithium-ion batteries and control boards in fuel cell-powered modules. Furthermore, he suggests exploring advanced dust protection measures for control boards operating in challenging environments.


From left to right in the picture - Prof. Gojmir Radica from FESB, Dr. Wafeeq Davids from UWC, Prof. Ivan Tolj who is the FESB team leader, and Dr. Klaus Taube from Hereon (pictured in front of the HySA Systems Competence Centre).

In the picture, the Hydride4Mobility team is gathered at TF Design, Stellenbosch, in front of a fuel cell powered module for a forklift. From left to right – Mr. Dana Swanepoel (TF Design), Dr. Klaus Taube (Hereon), Dr. Wafeeq Davids (UWC), Prof. Gojmir Radica (FESB), Righardt Ehlers (TF Design) and Prof. Ivan Tolj (FESB).

At the HySA Systems Competence Centre, preparations are underway for testing a 14.5 kW liquid-cooled fuel cell stack.

The image captures Prof. Ivan Tolj, a representative from FESB in Croatia, delivering his keynote address at the Southern African Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference held at the Hazendal Wine Estate in Stellenbosch, Cape Town.