The secondment of the FESB team leader, Dr. Ivan Tolj, to UWC was related to WP4 “System integration” and related to the optimization and development of system design in terms of overall efficiency, complexity, waste heat utilization and durability.

During the first visit within this secondment (5–20 May 2018, 15 days) Dr. Tolj participated in start-up and testing of the off-board prototype of 15 kW fuel cell power module for forklifts with integrated metal hydride hydrogen storage being developed at HySA Systems, UWC. The test results were included in joint presentation (World Hydrogen Energy Conference held in June 2018 in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil) drafted during this visit.

During the second visit within this secondment (7–16 August 2018, 10 days) Dr. Tolj participated in development and integration of fuel cell power module.

The results will be included in joint presentation (3rd Int. Symposium on Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion, taking place in Belgrade, Serbia in September 2018).

During his third visit to UWC (19 – 23 November 2018, 5 days) Dr. Tolj participated in the off-board tests of the fuel cell powered module.

Final preparation before hydrogen leak testing (Dr. Lototskyy and Dr. Klochko)

Dr. Lototskyy and Dr. Tolj at the Cape of Good Hope, November 2018.