Dr. Ivan Tolj was seconded within WP4 ''System integration'' to UWC from 16 – 23 February 2019. Within his secondment Dr. Tolj participated in the fuel-cell powered forklift tests under the VDI2198/VDI 60 protocols. During the tests different power module parameters were logged such as: load voltage and power, BoP voltage and power, battery voltage, fuel cell voltage and power, reactants flow rates, coolant flow rate, MH temperatures etc. Obtained results will be implemented into the Cruise M (AVL) software for further optimization of the power module in terms of overall system efficiency and energy management.

From left to right - Dr. Ivan Tomac (FESB), Dr. Ivan Tolj (FESB), Dr. Yevgeniy Klochko (UWC) and Dr. Klaus Taube (HZG) pictured before VDI2198/VDI60 test cycles

Fuel cell powered forklift tests under the VDI2198/VDI60 protocols (February 2019).