The secondment of FESB team leader Prof. Ivan Tolj to UWC, South Africa was related to WP4 “System integration” and WP5 “Implementation of the developed materials and systems”.

During his secondment (27. January to 24. February 2023), Prof. Ivan Tolj was involved (together with scientists and engineers from UWC) in development of advanced heat management concept to maximize utilization of system waste heat for thermal management of hydrogen desorption from MH storage tank. During his secondment Prof. Tolj was also working together with scientists from UWC and engineers from TF Design on fuel cell power module servicing which involved replacement of the control boards and metal hydride storage hydrogen leak repair. The unit (together with forklift) is expected to be delivered to Impala Platinum refineries by middle March 2023. Next secondment of Prof. Tolj is planed for April 2023 to Impala Platinum, SA.

Prof. Tolj was also involved in techno-economic assessment for hydrogen fuelled utility vehicles and stations for their refuelling comprising MH and he is currently working (together with Dr. Lototskyy from UWC) on preparing two critical deliverables: ‘’ Techno-economic assessment’’ and ‘’Optimal design and specification of hydrogen refuelling station with integrated MH compressor’’.

Dr. Yevgeniy Klochko (on the left) and Prof. Ivan Tolj in front of the fuel cell powered module during MH storage servicing at the TFD facility in Stellenbosch, SA.

Prof. Ivan Tolj (at the right) having a discussion with Key Technology Specialist Dr. Moegamat Wafeeq Davids from UWC in front of the HySA Systems custom build metal hydride test rig during MH container tests.

Prof. Ivan Tolj (right) holding the control board during servicing of the fuel cell power pack module at TF Design facility in Stellenbosch, South Africa.