The secondment of FESB team leader Prof. Ivan Tolj to UWC, South Africa was related to WP5 “Implementation of the developed materials and systems”.

During his secondment (4. September to 24. September 2023) to the University of the Western Cape, Prof. Tolj actively engaged in various initiatives related to product line specification, identification of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and customers, as well as conducting techno-economic assessments of fuel cell power modules and refueling stations. Throughout his visit, Prof. Tolj dedicated his efforts to preparing a manuscript intended for submission to a high-impact international journal. This manuscript comprehensively covers the outcomes of fuel cell power module simulations, contributing valuable insights to the field.

From left to right – Prof. Sivakumar Pasupathi (Director of HySA Systems), Dr. Jose Bellosta von Colbe (Hereon), Prof. Ivan Tolj (FESB) and Dr. Mykhaylo Lototskyy (UWC) – during secondment to UWC, South Africa

Professor Tolj, positioned second from the left, engaged in a visit to TF Design, where he conducted an inspection of a high-pressure metal hydride compressor.