HYSTORSYS AS (HSS) (www.hystorsys.no) is a Norwegian SMB providing hydrogen systems based on metal hydrides. The company was established in 2005 and employs two full-time employees, further to one working chairman and one Sales and Marketing Manager (hired on an hourly-basis). In addition, HYSTORSYS has two consultancy agreements on business and technology issues. During the last years, the company has focused development of thermal metal hydride based hydrogen compressor systems. We have built and operated for about 5,000 hours two proof-of-concept compressor systems, completed a cost-reduction program and developed a new improved compressor design. TRL: 8-9.

Key Research Facilities: In-house developed setups for (a) testing of metal hydride based systems and (b) thermal cycling of materials



  • Built and operated two proof-of-concept MH-compressors
  • 5,000 hours of operation demonstrated
  • Re-design and cost reduction program completed
  • New solution ideally suited for e.g.:
    • Industries
    • RE/H2
    • Bottling of hydrogen
  • Status: Delivery

Role in the project

Development of MH systems for H2 compression, including addressing thermal management issues at the system level.