The Hydride4Mobility Mid-term meeting was held at Helmholtz-Zentrum (HZG) in Geesthacht, Germany on 14th and 15th of March 2019 in the presence of all project beneficiaries and all project partners except one [1] and the representative of European Commission’s Research Executive Agency - Project Officer Dr. Irina-Elena Tiron.

This mid-term meeting was an opportunity to look back at the project's achievements, but also to further look ahead and to reflect at the potential impact of the action on the network, the secondees, but also the stakeholders and society.

The meeting started with the welcome message from the director of the division "Materials Technology" at HZG, Prof. Dr.  Thomas Klassen and Dr. Klaus Taube and followed with round the table introduction of the participants, Figure 1.  The goals of the Mid-term meeting were presented by the Project Coordinator Prof. Volodymyr A. Yartys (IFE) and REA PO Dr. Irina-Elena Tiron followed with the presentations of the workpackage leaders and updates by the project participants. After, secondments implementation plan was presented, and closed meeting was organized between seconded staff members and the PO / REA representative. Day 1 of the meeting finished with the round table discussion and the tour through HZG laboratories, Figure 2.

[1] ITSN (Project coordinator Prof. V.A. Yartys presented on behalf of Asst. Prof. Suwarno)


Figure 1. Welcome message from Prof. Dr. Thomas Klassen, HZG (right) and Round the table introduction of the participants (left)

Figure 2. Tour through HZG laboratories

Second day of the meeting started with the visit to Stühff GmbH company in Geesthacht, Figure 3. Meeting continued at HZG premises with outlining the action plan and open discussion.

Figure 3. Visit to Stühff GmbH company in Geesthacht