Prof. Frano Barbir was seconded within WP4 ''System integration'' to UWC from 30 April – 30 May 2019.

Activities during secondment:

  • The HySA staff showed me the labs and explained the status of current projects.
  • Gave a presentation The Future of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells for general public.
  • Gave a presentation Hydrogen Roadmap Europe for general public.
  • Gave a presentation Development of Fuel Cell Range Extender for Electric Bus for HySA Systems project team. Discussed issues related for fuel cell bus development with the project team.
  • Visited Hot Platinum and discussed the forklift project
  • Suggested alternative fuel cell stack and air compressor suppliers for the forklift project.

From left to right – Dr. Sivakumar Pasupathi (UWC), Prof. Frano Barbir (FESB), Dr. Mykhaylo Lototskyy (UWC) and Mr. Adrian Parsons (UWC)