Secondment period: 18 to 25 February, 2019.

Workpackage: WP1 “Development and characterisation of advanced MH materials for hydrogen storage and compression”

During his one-week secondment to UWC, Prof. Yartys discussed with SAIAMC managers and staff members further plans of cooperation in activities related to the scope of HYDRIDE4MOBILITY project. On February 20, he gave to UWC staff and students a lecture entitled “Metal Hydrides for Hydrogen Based Energy Storage”. The talk presented an overview of various types of binary and multicomponent hydrides meeting potential applications in hydrogen based energy storage, with a focus on hydrogen storage and compression and use in metal hydride batteries. Prof. Yartys also took part in the meeting for preparation of the midterm review, with participation of FESB and HZG representatives seconded that time to UWC, as well as the visit to TF Deign manufacturing facilities at Somerset West, close to UWC campus.

The scope of further joint studies on metal hydride materials (IFE, HYSTORSYS, UWC) was further outlined, including planned secondments of UWC staff member and student to IFE, as well as HYSTORSYS staff member to UWC later this year.

Prof. V. A. Yartys (Hydride4Mobility coordinator) gave a lecture on Metal hydrides for hydrogen based energy storage at University of the Western Cape (20th February 2019)

Prof. Yartys (second from the left) during his visit, together with HZG representatives, to TF Design manufacturing facilities; February 21, 2019