Secondment period: 16th November – 08th December 2019.

Workpackage: WP4 “System integration”

Dr. Tolj activities during his secondment where:

  • Finalizing of advanced heat management concept for maximal utilization of system waste heat for thermal management of hydrogen desorption from MH storage tanks;
  • Final tests on ''zero'' prototype bench-top fuel-cell powered module and analysing of the results in order to identify and implement ways for overall system efficiency improvements;
  • Preparation of Deliverable 4.1 “Optimal design and operational concept of fuel cell powered module with advanced thermal management for waste heat utilization in MH hydrogen storage tanks (technical report)”;
  • Preparation (together with Dr. Lototskyy from UWC, South Africa) of Delivarable 7.2 “Public dissemination workshop 1 (minutes & report incl. links to the feedback in mass media) “.

Dr. Ivan Tolj (FESB, Croatia) performing tests on ''zero'' prototype bench-top fuel-cell powered module (25th November 2019, UWC).

Dr. Tolj (FESB, Croatia) performing stress tests on metal hydride tank.