Dr. Ivan Tolj was seconded within WP4 ''System integration'' to Impala Platinum Ltd., South Africa, from 28 January till 15 February 2019. During his secondment Dr. Tolj was involved in vibration measurements of the fuel-cell powered module and forklift. Measurements were performed under typical operating conditions at Impala Platinum Ltd., BMR warehouse. Obtained results were analyzed and discussed together with other Hydride4Mobility team members. Manuscript based on the obtained results is currently under preparation and will be submitted in relevant high-impact journal during 2019.

Hydride4Mobility team members pictured at Impala Platinum Ltd. (31st January 2019) – from left to right: Tobie Van Niekerk (TF Design), Gerhard Louw (TF Design), Fahmida Smith (Impala), Dr. Mykhaylo Lototskyy (UWC), Dr. Ivan Tolj (FESB) and Dr. Ivan Tomac (FESB).

Dr. Ivan Tolj (left) and Dr. Ivan Tomac pictured at Impala Platinum Ltd. during their secondment within WP4.