Secondment period: 09 March – 08 April 2020

Workpackage: WP4 “System integration”

During the visit, Prof. Tolj was working on the development and optimization of the system design in terms of overall efficiency, complexity, waste heat utilization and durability. He also investigated possibilities to reduce number of BoP components such as external gas humidifiers and instead using the water and heat generated during the reaction for the gas humidification.

Unfortunately, during the visit Republic of South Africa went into the complete lockdown (from 27 March 2020) due to COVID-19. During the lockdown all nonessential activities where stopped including R&D activities at UWC. During the lockdown prof. Tolj was preparing presentation for On-line conference HYPOTHESIS XV.

Prof. Tolj will resume with his secondments once when international flights to and from South Africa resume – to be expected later this year.

Prof. Tolj at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Cape Town, South Africa (March 2020).