The 6th International Symposium on Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion (mESC-IS 2022), accessible through the website, is a multidisciplinary international conference that aims to facilitate the long-term sharing of knowledge and discussions on highly relevant issues in the field. Its purpose is to bring together individuals from academic, industry, and government organizations to exchange ideas and strengthen collaboration.

mESC-IS2022 was organized by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Naval Architecture at the University of Split, with Prof. Ivan Tolj and Prof. Gojmir Radica from FESB serving as the conference chairs. Both professors are members of the Hydride4Mobility team.

The Hydride4Mobility team, comprising members from IFE, UWC, and FESB, actively participated in the conference by delivering two plenary speeches and several presentations. All presenters were invited to submit their manuscripts to one of the supporting special issue journals, namely the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy and the Journal of Energy Storage. Special guest editor Prof. Dr. Ivan Tolj oversaw the publication process of these manuscripts.

  • Volodymyr Yartys (IFE) delivered plenary talk entitled “ Hydrogen based energy storage: Status and recent developments”.
  • Mykhaylo Lototskyy (UWC) delivered plenary talk entitled “Gas-phase applications of metal hydrides”.
  • Volodymyr Yartys (IFE) delivered talk entitled ‘’ Hydrogen absorption-desorption properties and hydrolysis performance of MgH2-Zr3V3O0.6Hx-graphite composites”.
  • Serge Nyallang Nyamsi (UWC) delivered talk entitled '' Multi-objective optimization of a metal hydride reactor coupled with phase change materials for fast hydrogen sorption time''.
  • Ika Dewi Wijayanti (IFE) delivered talk entitled '' Studies of the effect of Hf doping on the electrochemical performance of C15 Laves type metal hydride battery anode alloys''.
  • Serge Nyallang Nyamsi (UWC) delivered talk entitled '' Heat discharge performance of metal hydride thermal battery under different heat transfer conditions: An experimental inquisitiveness''.
  • Michał Jan Gęca (Lublin University of Technology) with co-authors Prof. Tolj and Prof. Radica from FESB, delivered talk entitled: '' Energy conversion in a city bus with an internal combustion engine in conjunction with a photovoltaic system - a case in southern Europe''

Prof. V.A. Yartys (IFE) pictured during his plenary talk.

Dr. M.V. Lototskyy (UWC) pictured during his plenary talk.

From left to right – Prof. Volodymyr Yartys (IFE), Dr. Mykhaylo Lototskyy (UWC), Prof. Ivan Tolj (FESB), Prof. Tayfur Öztürk (Middle East Technical University), Prof. Dag Noréus (Stockholm University) and Prof. Gojmir Radica (FESB)